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Markus Rothkranz : Film Director

Markus has spent his entire professional career working in the entertainment industry. Starting as a special visual effects artist and designer, he's worked on the movies Die Hard, Total Recall, and Red Planet. Markus has also worked on over 200 television commercials and numerous music videos. In 1995 Markus got the opportunity to realize his dream: writing and directing his own 2.5 million dollar 35mm movie entitled “To the Ends of Time”. The movie premiered in the most famous movie theater in Hollywood: Mann's Chinese Theater, and got worldwide theatrical distribution. “To the Ends of Time” was so successful it was picked up by the Syfy channel and broadcast for four additional years.

Markus details the events leading up to directing “To the Ends of Time”, as well as the behind the scenes story, in his autobiography Dreamchaser, which is available for purchase online. The recently remastered, “To the Ends of Time” is exclusively available for purchase at Markus' online store.

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