Announcing the Markus Loyalty Rewards Program!

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Loyalty Rewards

We have a new rewards program that's easy to use. Earn points on your purchases and receive money off to spend on!

Ready? Let's Shop!

How do I sign up?

Current customers are automatically enrolled in the program.

New customers get automatically added to the program with their first purchase.

Wholesale customers are ineligible for the loyalty rewards program. (Sorry!)

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How can I earn points?

Current customers need to log in with their customer account before making a purchase. New customers need to sign up for a customer account before making a purchase.

Every time you make a purchase we reward you with 1 point for every $‌1.00 USD spent. (Yes we reward autoshipments too!)

Points can be spent 60 days after purchase.

Returned orders will deduct earned points from your points balance.

How do I spend my points?

You redeem your points for coupon codes! You can get coupon codes for the following amounts:

$3.00 off when you redeem 100 points

$8.00 off when you redeem 250 points

$16.50 off when you redeem 500 points

Follow these steps below to spend your points or watch the video:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Loyalty Reward in the MY ACCOUNT menu
  3. You will see the summary of the Current Points, Available Points, Pending Points, and Points needed for next reward
  4. If there are available rewards appearing, click the Claim Reward button
  5. The claimed reward will appear in in the next section named Claimed Rewards
  6. You can begin the shopping with the coupon by clicking on either the Coupon Description link or Coupon Code link, which will apply the coupon to the cart for immediate shopping/redemption.

Only ONE Reward can be used per order. Loyalty Rewards can NOT be used on Auto Orders.